The FlowVPE System unleashes the power of Slope Spectroscopy® with its unique patented variable pathlength technology on the online process monitoring and PAT fields. By evolving beyond the limitations of traditional fixed pathlength spectroscopy, the FlowVPE Solution has revealed process insights and enabled application and innovations that help accelerate development and drive success. Conceptually simple, but analytically empowering, C Technologies’ variable pathlength solutions have revolutionized the measurement of concentration by delivering rapid and accurate results while avoiding costly dilution and background correction steps on the widest range of samples which is all made possible by the Slope Spectroscopy® technique. When directly integrated in one or more locations of a process stream, the FlowVPE has helped reveal process characteristics that until now have been hidden due to the limitations of the most commonly used online fixed pathlength UV-Vis solutions. Capable of making spectral and fixed-point measurements at wavelengths between 190 and 1100 nm at pathlengths between 5 microns and 8 millimeters, the FlowVPE Solution is adaptable to a wide range of sample types and concentrations. It can support lab scale flow lines of 3 mm and pilot scale flow lines of 10 mm. The flexibility and robustness of the technology is unparalleled when compared to traditional UV-Vis techniques and equipment. How can our Slope Spectroscopy solutions help you today?