C Technologies 2019-11-07

Establishing this Customer Success Group is part of C Technologies’ continuing commitment to our customers in setting the standard for bioprocess analytics through successful implementation of industry leading SoloVPE and FlowVPE instruments for protein measurements and other related in-process and release tests. The Customer Success Group is tasked with breaking down traditional “silo” type operational barriers and enabling a unified focus on customer needs across the organization. After a successful implementation of the Customer Success Group concept in North America, C Technologies is now able to apply it for our European customers as well.

Pia Darker will lead the Group in her role as Director of Customer Success, Europe and brings to C Technologies almost 20 years of industry experience from her work at Life Technologies and Thermo Fisher. Pia will oversee European Sales, Bio-Analytical Applications and Customer Support/Field Service operations throughout continental Europe, the U.K. and Ireland.

“Enabling our customer’s success in the pursuit of improving healthcare by providing high standard process analytics methods to deliver safe and effective drugs is the very core of our daily work”, Darker said. “With the growth in using SoloVPE and FlowVPE as a process analytics tool that provides rapid, accurate and cost-effective in-process and release measurements, it is important that we build a team in Europe that our customers can easily access and collaborate with to meet their needs through the use of our solution. I am very excited for the opportunity to build the Customer Success Group in Europe, to continue the collaborations we already have and to further expand and deliver world-class support to our customers”.