NIST Traceable Slope Standard 2018-06-14

The new ConfiRM® Slope Reference Material (mRM ™) is the only certified, NIST traceable, reference standard developed specifically for slope spectrometers such as the SoloVPE and the FlowVPE. Stop relying on absorbance based CRM's or concentration based standards such as BSA that are not designed specifically for slope verifications. The ConfiRM standard comes with NIST traceable, Guide 34 Certified slope and uncertainty values that can be used to verify system health, suitability and performance.  Designed for ease of use, the caffeine based standard comes in convenient 10 packs of single-use ampules with an 18-Month shelf life from date of manufacture. The ConfiRM line of slope standards will soon grow to include low and medium slope standards in addition to the high slope standard currently available. Are you interested in a Slope Standard matched to your product or method? Contact C Technologies for more information about Custom ConfiRM mRM's (Minimums Apply).