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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between the ctechnologiesinc.com and the solovpe.com websites
A: C Technologies, Inc. is the company that invented the SoloVPE, which added to its product offerings. SoloVPE.com is the website that is used to focus on the line of variable pathlength spectroscopy products.

Q: What is Slope Spectroscopy?
A: Slope Spectroscopy TM is at its heart of UV spectroscopy method based upon the Beer-Lambert Law. However, if differs from traditional spectroscopy methods which hold the measurement pathlength constant because it varys the measurement pathlength to collect Absorbance vs. Pathlength or Section data. The Slope of the Section plot allow rapid quantitation of concentrations and because the measurement pathlength can change based upon the sample concentration and absorbance, highly accurate measurements can be made without the need or cost of dilution steps. To learn more contact C Technologies, Inc., visit SoloVPE.com read the article here.